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New Pier in Felixstowe

It`s fair to say there`s been a bit of a buzz around the small seaside town of Felixstowe since it was announced last October that the council had approved plans for a new pier. The ambitious project will see the existing structure demolished and a lavish new replacement constructed. The new pier, which will be completed by the spring of 2014, will be almost twice as large as the existing structure and should do wonders to regenerate the surrounding area.

Of course this isn`t the first time the existing pier has been demolished, during the Second World War the Royal Engineers were forced to drastically shorten the structure to prevent it becoming a target for Nazi bombers. Second time around, however, the piers destruction is not quite so hard for the local population to bear. In truth it hasn`t served the community as a pier in over 10 years now, having been condemned by the council in 2000.

The new structure will include an observation tower to ensure that tourists and locals alike can take full advantage of the scenic Suffolk Coastline. From the observation tower the local neighbouring town of Harwich will be visible just across the water. The Port of Felixstowe, the largest container port in the United Kingdom and her ships will also be in view. The site for the new pier is more than just scenic though, the local leisure centre, complete with sauna and gym, is only a stone`s throw away. Local restaurants, wine bars, ice-cream shops and a selection of local hotels are also close by. When the new pier and the leisure centre are combined, as the owners of the two establishments have proposed, this area of Felixstowe really will be a fantastic holiday destination.

The Marlborough, a local hotel, would be an ideal location from which to explore the fantastic facilities Felixstowe and Suffolk at large have to offer. The historic town of Colchester is only a short train ride away or if you have a taste for local history Landguard Fort isn`t far. The famous Sutton Hoo site is also just on the doorstep of this relaxing seaside town; the collection there includes some of the best and most beautiful examples of Saxon jewellery in the country.

The predicted increase in trade and tourism has made the council`s approval a popular decision amongst the locals and there is a real sense of optimism in the town. Why shouldn`t there be? Tourists will be able to enjoy the comforts of Felixstowe from the local hotels, drink in the scenery at the observation point or maybe even visit the local theatre.

The Spa Pavilion has a collection of small vendors and restaurants and offers a wide variety of shows. It`s the perfect place to spend those rainy days out and with the recent rise in popularity of Boxoffice.co.uk tickets will be that much easier to acquire from your hotels Wi-Fi. It`s not often that the demolition of a 100-year-old building is met with such approval from all corners, the local council even received 7 letters of approval from local constituents. Hopefully this ambitious project will come off without a hitch and the local community will reap the rewards. 

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